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Basic Energy Efficiency for Smart Metering Operatives
Sector Building Services
Certification NICEIC Certification will issue a Certificate of Competence to learners who successfully attain the required standard of assessment.   
Expiry 5 years
Assessment Information: This course has been developed to assist smart metering operatives to give energy advice to members of the public whilst at work.
The course includes a significant amount of background information to enable operatives to talk about these issues with confidence.
The course aims to provide learners with an understanding of ;
•        How energy consumption affects the environment.
•        How energy consumption has evolved over time.
•        How energy is consumed.
•        How energy consumption can be reduced
Contents: Learners will gain an understanding of the following areas:
·        Definitions, costs and benefits
·        How energy consumption affects the environment        
·        How energy consumption has evolved over time             
·        Energy costs and CO2 Emissions context
·        How energy is consumed within the home
·        Why some households consume more energy than others
·        How energy consumption can be reduced           
·        Global Impact
·        Reducing energy consumption, principals
·        Low cost: Reduce energy demand.          
·        Medium cost: Improve energy efficiency.             
·        High cost: Install environmental technology systems. 
·        The UK government Response   
Pre- requisites: None
Re-Assessment: Not available for this course

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