NICEIC Certification offer the following publications and gas pocket guides through our direct team we are able to offer NICEIC certification approved assessment centres the following on-site guides and learner guides at a generous discount off the list price:
·       Domestic Gas Safety On-Site Guide
·       Non-Domestic Gas Safety On-Site Guide
·       LPG On-Site Guide
The following gas pocket guides (PGG) are available upon request at no extra cost to NICEIC certification approved assessment centres:
·       PGG1 – Guide to positioning of Combustion Analyser Probes
·       PGG2 – Tightness Testing Domestic Installations
·       PGG3 – Gas Rates
·       PGG4 – A Guide to Domestic Pipe Sizing
·       PGG5 – Open flued appliances installed in a room
·       PGG6 – Commissioning - checking and recording CO levels