NICEIC Works for me

Keith Basing

Authorising Engineer - Test & Commissioning Manager

“There are huge benefits to being registered”: How the NICEIC has helped Keith’s career

Having worked in the electrical industry since 1977, Keith Basing boasts a long and successful career. He first broke into the electrical industry as a fresh-faced 16-year-old apprentice, before joining the CITB fast-track training scheme and working his way up through various engineering ranks in different companies.
Keith started working at his current employer, Phoenix ME, in January 2014. Phoenix specialises in commercial fit-outs around London, working with Battersea Power Station, BT, Deutsche Bank, Virtus, Cyrus and Barclays – to name a few!
Keith has now been a registered Qualified Supervisor through the NICEIC for over 20 years, and is a massive advocate of the services. Both he and Phoenix have been a part of the NICEIC for many years, with Phoenix joining back in 1958. Keith explains how his close relationship with the organisation helps business: “We’ve got a great relationship with the NICEIC, especially in terms of personal relationships with our Area Engineers. I’ve known one of our area inspectors for over 20 years, and I’ve known another for three or four years. They are amazing people and a fantastic sounding board. Their advice is always impartial and honest; there’s no ulterior motive to them recommending anything to you.”
As well as being able to approach his personal contacts for advice directly, Keith says that Phoenix uses the full range of NICEIC services on offer: “We use everything from the templates for our certification, through to the training, technical support, seminars, online webinars and the roadshows.” However, the technical helpline is Keith’s favourite: “If you phone the technical helpline, they can walk you through a landmine. It’s a fantastic safety net. I speak to the guys at the helpline not to solve a problem, but to make something more compliant.

“For example, our big clients like Barclays and AstraZeneca have representatives sitting around the table, but we can say we’re compliant as we’ve run it by the NICEIC. That’s a tremendous tool in our armoury; it carries a lot of weight and gives people a lot of confidence in what we’re doing.”

Alongside the technical helpline, there are many other ways in which the NICEIC has benefitted Keith’s career, he says: “The support you get from the NICEIC is second to none; literally all it takes is a phone call and they’ll either provide you with the answer or provide the information on where you can find the answer.

“The NICEIC training is also always very well balanced. Yesterday I went to one of the webinars; these are great things. The NICEIC is an invaluable source of knowledge. The more you’re involved with it, the more you get out of it.”

With all this in mind, what would Keith name as his major draw to being a part of the NICEIC? “The main attraction for joining the NICEIC is that it’s a standard that’s continually monitored – if you don’t make that standard, you’re not going to be in the NICEIC. It offers confidence for your client. Once you’re in, the benefits radiate outwards; there are huge benefits to being in the NICEIC. There are other organisations, but the premium gold seal is being registered with NICEIC.”

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