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Matt Boddy

Keeping it in the family: Matt Boddy’s journey as an NICEIC-registered contractor

At first, Matt Boddy didn't see himself working in his family business. Despite his dad having been an electrician for 40 years, Matt initially chose a different path: “When I left school, I wasn't sure what to do. I ended up studying Osteopathy for four years, but halfway through, realised that I didn't really want that as a career.
“When I finished, I decided to go and work for my dad while I made up my mind about what I was going to do with my life. I ended up staying, and we carried on working together. I was fortunate as Dad had been an electrician for 40 years by then and had learnt his trade. I had a great apprenticeship as he taught me a lot of the old trade secrets – and we're still learning every day.”
Now, Matt has fully settled into the industry and appreciates the opportunities it brings him: “I'm on a different job every day. It's always something different and there’s always something new to think about. I meet some very interesting people – even a few famous people!

“I've done a few luxury homes; recently I did a very lavish place with a swish cinema and gym. And I’ve got a job coming up where I'm spending a few days in Brighton with an interior designer to do a home on Brighton Seafront. I've got the confidence to do big jobs like that, though I know a lot of guys couldn't. It's nice to know you've got the knowledge.”
Learning is a big part of the job for Matt, as he continues to develop in his role by keeping on top of all the changes in the industry. For him, one of the benefits of being registered with the NICEIC is the variety of courses which allow him to stay ahead in his field: “I like to stay up to date by going on NICEIC courses – I did the car charging course recently, with the next one being renewables.
“Solar’s only going to get bigger and battery storage is still relatively new. Those will be the next courses we’ll move onto, as they will be the next sort of jobs we start to undertake. We also go on the webinars – the NICEIC produce quite a few. There's always something there for us to learn if we want it, and it's a helpful part of our learning process.”
One of the biggest changes in the electrical industry is how the cost of living crisis is affecting people’s attitudes towards energy and home set ups. Matt explains how this has impacted business: “The cost of living crisis made us worry we were going to run short of work, but to be honest, the phone has been going off. A lot of people are phoning up because they want to switch to LED lighting. This isn’t just domestic, either – I’ve had a rugby club wanting their floodlights switching to LED. I suppose the cost of living crisis is prompting people to try and reduce their energy bills. LED will soon be everywhere.”

Plus, there’s plenty of other NICEIC benefits that D.V. Boddy enjoy: “The technical side of the Connections magazine is great. If I speak to any of my colleagues, that’s always the first bit we all seem to turn to. But also Caught on Camera – we all like to look at that. But the technical side is particularly good in Connections because it’s always current topics. It’s stuff we’re already thinking about and there’s an answer there for us.”

Overall, Matt is quick to praise the industry standards that the NICEIC regulate and uphold: “Standards in the industry have definitely improved. Back in the early 80s, people didn’t really do much testing at all. Governing bodies have pushed to get testing, which is good – we all make mistakes, but that’s why we test.

“Industry standards are always improving; it’s gotten considerably better in my time. It’s getting to a stage where all work is done to a good standard, if regulated by the NICEIC. If I walk into a job and see an NICEIC badge on the fuse board, I know it’s going to be a good installation.”

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