NICEIC Platinum Promise


Having improvement works carried out in your home? Choosing an NICEIC certified business can give you peace of mind. Your contractor not only meets the highest standards – your choice is backed up by the NICEIC Platinum Promise.   

What is the Platinum Promise? 

Put simply, our Platinum Promise is a guarantee. If an NICEIC certified business carries out work that falls within their scope of certification but it turns out to be non-compliant – and have ceased trading – then we will step in. At no extra cost to you, we will employ another business to rectify the non-compliant work. Subject to the Platinum Promise Conditions & Exclusions outlined below.

How do I make a claim?

For us to consider your claim, you’ll need to meet a couple of simple requirements.
  1. Provide evidence that all other avenues have been explored, such as home insurance or other warranties. 
  2. Provide sufficient evidence of the works carried out, such as certification, invoices, contracts, proof of payment etc.
  3. If you can meet the above requirements, please complete the complaints form and send with supporting evidence to Alternatively, call us on 01582 539 036 if you have any further queries.

A few important notes

  • The NICEIC Platinum Promise is only applicable for work completed on domestic properties within the last six years.
  • Claims are limited to the evidenced maximum contract/invoice value, up to a maximum of £25,000 for any one contract.
  • If your complaint requires immediate action you may wish to consider an alternative route, as we’re not able to provide an ‘emergency service’ response.
  • You must provide clear evidence of non-conformities relating to the work before a claim can be accepted.
  • Claims associated to maintenance or lack of certification/notification are the responsibility of homeowners and will not be accepted.

    Please see further details on our Platinum Promise process and exclusions here.

    Please note: The above Terms and Conditions are also applicable on installations completed by an ELECSA certified business carried out within the last 6 years.